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Why Bother with Employer Branding?

Everyone knows who a noogler is. And if you don’t, reading this makes you want to google it. Only a few companies have earned a coveted place in the market, with professionals like you and I going ‘Man, I wanna work here someday’

‍Successful in this endeavour are legacy brands like the Tatas and HULs, to newer, innovation-led brands like Google, Adobe, and Apple, to homegrown ones like Zomato, Cred and even Schbang. Aspirants are instantly drawn in, thanks to elements like culture, innovation, perks, and perhaps even the founders. 

But, what did they do differently? 

‍No, not the paycheck, neither a work-from-home policy. It’s the effort, they, as an organisation, have put into building a reputation. Simply put – an employer brand. 

‍Think of it as your organisation’s personality, its vibe, and its standing in the job market. It’s the shaping of your reputation as an employer. Your employer brand makes you stand out in the crowd, like a peacock strutting its feathers in a flock of pigeons.

Playing the employer branding game

In this cut-throat world of business, where talent is the ultimate currency, the concept of employer branding reigns supreme. But it’s not just about looking pretty; it’s about showcasing your culture, values, and USPs. And if your question still is, “Will this be applicable to my brand?” The answer, in 99% of cases, is a resounding yes.

‍How we did it for our brands.

‍Let’s rewind back a year for an illustrative case. Consider professional services, like a law firm, where the reputation often leans towards being conservative, with intense work environments, characterised by strict dress codes, and less-than-ideal working hours. 

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